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Can you see the pond liner?

Ponds built by Ewenny Garden Centre – we ensure you see the ponds water and not the black liner!

Ewenny Garden Centre have installed hundreds of ponds if not thousands, many of which are after ‘the gardener’ has attempted and failed. Ponds are a specialist field and need experience for the construction.

In creating a pond there are many aspects to take into consideration, not least of all siting, aspect and safety. The siting of a pond is crucial to its success. It cannot be introduced to a garden without due consideration of all the practical and aesthetic aspects. Nor can plants be expected to prosper unless the pond profile is suitable.

The materials that a pond is constructed from require careful choice. They must be able to fulfil all the requirements placed upon them. When mistakes are made with the construction of a pond they are often difficult, and always expensive to correct. In Bridgend, The Vale, Cardiff and the South Wales area.

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Monica Skucek

My husband and I had a water feature installed by Ewenny Landscaping Service. The result is excellent. Eddie and Craig took such care to get every detail right and the pond and water scupper bowl is superb and adds such a lot to our garden. We would not hesitate to recommend Ewenny Garden Centre as their planning, communication and work ethic are first class.


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